Clan Teams

We have formed a few teams that all clan members are welcome to join.  Contact any leader of that team to sign up for.  It does help to obtain knowledge of certain areas that will help you be successful, so the wiki site at the bottom can assist you.

Elite Mortals Discord

Skilling Teams
Skilling events, exercises and hosting can be done. (example - portable forges at bank)
Sharing daily divination spawns, xp games and advanced pulse cores also help us in guild rankings and runeclan postings.

This link is a video of all new and old skilling bonus xp uniform sets:
also shows minigames to play, and how to earn the points to complete any set

God Wars Dungeon 2 Team
*Learn about each boss with the link provided*

  • Helwyr (Seren’s general) – 80 Magic

  • The Twin Furies (Zamorak’s general) – 80 Ranged

  • Vindicta & Gorvek (Zaros’s general) – 80 Attack

  • Gregorovic (Sliske’s general) – 80 Prayer

Team Members - the (c) = team captain *who can host events and provide times*

Bluefire (c)

Prize Team - helping with holiday raffles and special events


Corp Team                                              (t) - tank

Calivon (t)                                                 Snibble
Roseyxthorn                                             Mistay Jay                                                                                                                         

1.  Get good at getting your stuff back when you die (have 3.5 mins to return)

2.  Learn how to join the proper friendschat and activate lootshare (click fc information then click bottom right corner (money bags)- takes 2mins to turn on - gives message when active)

3.  If you die or lose anything while doing corp, report it to the team - (We will grab stuff for you and return it)

4.  Get along - respect others, be polite and always ask questions if you are not sure about something.

Dung Team  - Guild dung night is wednesday, anyone can host            

Anti-bot Team

Out castgirl

King Kalphite

Celebrating our 5th year!    2015

In an effort to reward long term players and our most serious guild members, we have
made our 5th year anniversary guild t-shirts.  The design on the shirt features our
original symbols that are found on the cloak and vexillum.  The three gold stars that are found on the bottom of our clan cloak, are underneath the symbols on the shirt.  Those stars are rewarded for those who earned consecutive weeks skilling at the clan castle. 

The Guild ribbon, which features our three colors, blue, silver and white, is located under the stars.  That is rewarded for obtaining and achieving the highest ranks in our guild.  

You can be provided with the contact email address, if you would like to obtain one.

Our normal shirts will be coming out this fall and we will be continuing this all through next year as well.  Due to volume and shipping procedures, we are taking it slow to start out, in order to be accurate, so time and patience will be needed and appreciated. 

Pics can be found on our facebook art page. Thank you to all making this possible.


This is the site for runescape free downloads:

Halloween Ghostweave Outfits