Clan Charter Rules

- Our First and foremost rule is to abide by the rules set by Jagex pertaining to runescape and the game.-

Please click or copy and paste this website to access basic rules.


- Since rules about luring appear to have been changed, we have voted that no Luring will be allowed to be mentioned in clan chat, if you get caught luring in the game, many will vote not to promote you and/or have you removed from the guild.


- Due to the number of newer methods being used, please be familiar with some of the scams being done to players.


Another recent rule addition has been approved, to let all know that begging in the clan chat is not allowed.

Basically our rule is "we help those, who show and prove they help the guild".  That means for those who stay/ earn rank/ contribute to the castle and help others, they will be allowed to ask for assistance.  

A person can ask friends or people in private messages, but know you can be put on the ignore list.  Annoying and constant begging is considered disruptive and disrespectful.

We allow our members to express opinions and beliefs, but please be aware that a debate is conducted with manners and proper verbal expressions.


*We have all ranks set to be able to recruit. If recruiting, we expect you to inform the new member of our no clan chat cussing rule, give a basic description of clan, and to forward the person to this clan website to read the rules.*


Clan Chat Rule Adopted  (Amended March 2016)

For Visitors (those not voted to be full clan members) and have no rank, the right click ban from chat (which lasts 2 hours), may be utilized for lighter offenses in the chat from ranks general or higher, (no motion and 5 votes needed)

Serious abusive or offensive verbal expressions made by visitors, may be banned from chat and added to ban list (preventing them from joining the clan) without a warning, to avoid drama and keep peaceful relations to all in the clan chat.


To eliminate outrageous cussing, fights on religion, politics, keyboard rage, obscene sexual gestures, slander, serious offensive/abusive scenarios, trolling and disrespect in the clan, this rule is also known as:

"The Keyboard Act" pertaining to actions in clan chat.

1.  First offense a verbal warning will be issued, if attacking another, serious rage or extreme harsh cussing.

2.  Second offense you will be given another warning, then should leave chat or take break from game.

3.  Third offense a motion to be kicked from the clan may be made.

This means if guests or clan members don't leave chat, and remain disrespectful (fighting or arguing) , after 2 warnings and on the 3rd offense, any officer may motion to kick a character refusing to stop.


* Acronyms and abbreviations are included and noted as the same thing as cussing: some examples are - (stfu, gtfo, ffs )*

* Also not allowed in characters name - please read clan name rule below *

* If people cuss and they are not attacking anyone, we are not gonna motion to kick them, or demote.  Its the serious offenders we are after.


^_^ First we are happy to thank all who are improving our teamwork and castle to grow the guild! ^_^


Clan Loyalty - excessive coming and leaving the clan may result in a ban a perm ban or a kick.  If they are voted in to return, they must have rank assessed.  Those who stay earn the most clan xp and help the clan overall.

We have over 80 active members who can easily ensure we meet visitors goal


We like to listen to all motions that can be reccommended by any guild member.  Its wise to learn about the issues, ask for a meeting, let upper officers know what your intended motion is about.  We also like new ideas, proposals for new or ammended rules, we respect our members and thier opinions.

All Pay to Play (P2P) can visit castle, and /or cap 2700 each build week

Fastest ways to Blue portal at clan camp is:

1.  Teleport to Falador and run south to Clan Camp.  Also can cabbage port to field west of Draynor and run west to Clan Camp.

2.  Use Guild Vexillum that has 2 free teleports, (talk to Clan Scribe at camp to obtain).  Once you wield, click worn equipment icon, right click on vex and teleport to clan camp.  The Guild Cloak (talk to Captain of the Guard at camp to obtain), will get your fielty exp reward once a week. (after 3 consistent caps)

3.  The Blue portal to the clan castle is west of clan camp towards the crafting guild.  Once you click to teleport, choose visit my clan citadel and you will enter the world of our castle.  If you click the map icon you can teleport to skill plots.


Guild Raffle - Every Sunday night when castle resets for those who max 2700 resources for the build week. ( 1-500 )

- We are asking all clan members to report to an upper officer or Calivon, when the resource cap max is completed for the week. -

Also pick a raffle number 1-500.  A random number generator picks numbers and the closest person to that number wins a prize.  Remember the more in raffle, the more prizes that are added.  This helps with promotions, awards and proper upkeep on new improvements. Prizes are posted on the announcement page tab.


Clan Castle (Citadel)

1.  Promoting teamwork and earning leadership implies that all P2p will help at the clan castle and donate resources.  For lower ranks, credit can be given for consecutive visits.

2.  Officers will be checking resources and the amount of hours that you have available to do 2700 per week.

3.  If after 1 week of not donating, a member can receive an automatic demotion with the option to earn that rank back in the next week.

4.  When reaching the exp required for the next rank, those that donate resources will be recommended for promotions first.


Build Tick

1.  The build tick is always 7 days to allow upkeep to be completed.  It resets each Sunday at 8:00 pm eastern usa time and last until 8:00 pm on Sunday the following week.
2.  If there are enough votes to ever change the time, it will cost a whole weeks worth of upkeep and its new time will be when you hit the button.  So the upkeep has to be completed before the menu will allow any officer to have access to it.
3.  Since it can only be done once in a weeks time, you will have to calculate the amount of visitors/ cappers that will be available, preferably during the midweek, so that all resources are met before the new time is chosen. That means another weeks upkeep must be done after you reset that time.


Resources Policy

We have approved with the proper votes, a new strategy to help improvements and insure weekly upkeep. This also helps all players be able to do all of the skill plots, or focus on a skill that they prefer.

1.  If needed resources can be declared in guild chat, please help keys fill any dilipitaded buildings to keep tier 7

2.  A clan message will appear when completed max (2700) for that week and encourage others to visit /skill.

3.  After 3 stars on clan cape, Those that max for the week will get fielty reward (right-click cape), allowed into drop parties, clan raffle and often early promotions. You may also collect clan bonus xp each week from the quatermaster (NPC) on other side of bank.


We get credit for all visitors, and officers are allowed to hop worlds to check and see if you visited or skilled.


Top 3 Ranks

This section added 2019 is to promptly deal with both procedures for promotions along with maximum number that is allowed to be approved for ranks of coordinator, overseer (red key) and deputy owner (silver key).

  • Pre-approval votes are done in private chat, friends chat, or voting office at the clan citadel for these top 3 postions.
  • Upon these meetings, officers are allowed to suggest any improvements, notes, give opinions on those being considered
  • Atleast 1 of the 5 approvals needed for a guild chat motion (where all vote), must be given by a deputy owner

Coordinator - 12 positions is the maximum allowed
Overseer - 10 may be approved, after any long absence we are allowed to assess thier case for temporary demotion
Deputy Owner - 8 is allowed, remember to let us know if any break or absence is going to take place, if possible


Jagex has adopted a policy for inactivity.  Players are given a hashtag name # automatically, so we have addressed part of this policy.  Players who get this applied to them, will have to change it back to a regular status.  We may keep some of the highest guild xp players who have earned experience with us, keep them at rank of recruit, incase they decide to return to runescape. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

*** 5 votes are needed for a member to be kicked - (3 kicks is max limit for any character - no exceptions) ***

*** 5 votes are needed before anyone can return to the clan if you leave (meet in chat, state why you want to return) ***

*** 5 votes are needed for a promotion *** (exceptions are standard promotions from corporal to general (3 votes) are needed ***

*** 5 votes are needed for a rule or upgrade to be implemented ***


* These rules were voted on due to situations and changes in the game that have occurred over time. *


"If someone gets a hash tag name due to inactivity or botting an auto-kick may be implemented"

"If a member is to return to the clan, after getting 5 votes to come back, their rank will have to be assessed (cases to be reviewed)

"If members of the clan finds a characters name inappropriate/offensive you will be asked to change that name, if you refuse then after several warnings, a motion can be done"

"If clan determines to change, modify or post new clan motto, the officers ranked overseer and above will select the slogans for a clan vote."


Please Note and Remember:  *^_^*

"This guild was made by its members to improve, grow, understand and learn.  You become the officer you want to be."