Ranks and Promotions

All Promotions are approved after votes from members.  Members voting no, can, but are not required to state a reason.

Motions can be made by any guild member.  The higher the rank the more influencial your motion is. Please read all rules and know the issues that your motion will cover.

A good record, excellent service and outstanding leadership can allow an early recommendation by an officer.
New chat initiative has been made to allow early promotions for increasing clan guild chat.

Recruits- when your new in the guild, you will be reviewed to be considered a full member and promoted to corporal.  Good moral values, respect and consideration for all, and showing teamwork with clan loyalty are essential. 

*Upon proof of clan support, active chat, consecutive visiting at castle and/or capping, gaining f2p xp in the guild, any key rank, red or silver may motion for a new recruit to be corporal (full member).  3 votes are needed before an upper officer can change the rank in order to become a full clan member.  *(Guild exp. is the experience points that you earn in all skills, from the time you join the guild.)*

***Please see bottom of page to a quick link to check your clan xp.***

Rule added that 3 votes are required for ranks of sergeant to general.

- given after acceptance as a full guild member, we reward those that help the clan, promoted once a week for capping (2700) at guild castle, up to the rank of general

-   500k exp. in clan, recommendation, also skilling 2700 per week at clan castle

-   1 million exp. in guild and time served in clan, learn guild rules, operations as you go, this can be a slow and easy going process

-   3 million exp. with good officer record, helps to learn clan settings to prepare for upper officer rights

-   5 million exp. with excellent record, good deeds, getting to know others, also become clan wars leader

In the guild chat motion for all to vote, atleast 5 votes are required for ranks Administrator to Deputy Owner.

-   at least 5 mil exp., responsibility with clan avatar, admin rights, proven to be mature and learn clan operations.

Organizer -
    proven loyalty to the clan, respect for others, assists with teaching others about the game and the guild

In order to improve the quality and standard of care, we have added descriptions to the top ranks in the guild. Officers will be asked if they want these positions and the responsibility that comes with it.  We have adopted a rule that these postions need atleast 5 approval votes, before a motion in the guild chat. Atleast 1 of the 5 approvals, must be accepted by a silver key deputy owner. (see rules page)

Coordinator-   same as organizer with improved knowledge and proven skills in researching runescape topics. Also prepare to be challenged with tough situations, patience will serve you well.

Overseer-   expected to be mature and sincere in dealing with others, commitment on officer operations, clan protocols, honesty and accountability, knowing how to do castle reports and clan chat menu options including noticeboard procedures. Voting on rules, promotions, future improvements and difficult issues will be requested to be dealt with.

Deputy Owner-   skills with investigating, willingness to deal with and assist in difficult decisions with professional conduct.  Monitor clan chat and work with other key ranks to resolve matters.  Taking notes, pictures, game shots and contacts are often proven to help in difficult decision making.  May be required to act as owner on all clan operations.  Must be approved by other deputy owners (12 max)

-   this guild is for all it's members, so your votes, contributions, dedication and your work, make it possible!

* Deputy owners approve all officers considered for next deputy owner * (officers asked to vote)
* Deputy owners and overseers approve all considered for next overseer * (meetings in chat or castle)

Jagex has added a new provision where they have made # hastag names due to inactivity.  So we have adopted a procedure for the top three ranks: deputy owner, overseer and coordinator to keep an active player list in effect.  After 1 month of inactivity a warning is noted and issued to the player, if possible.  After a second month (60 days) players will be temporarily demoted, until they play.

Rune clan site is being added to help us acknowledge clan achievements and activities log at:



~~~ For a list of our current officers and to check clan exp. please visit:~~