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To Protect your account:

New Runescape Authenticator - New way to protect your account, Jagex guardian will no longer be available


Due to complications and people who do not use/pay for cell phone, we are including this instruction on how to use/get the runescape authenticator on your desktop computer without a phone. ( PC  version )

Its ok to read all this first and have pen and paper ready for the new codes they give you.

1.  First download Windows Authenticator 3.0.21 for free - Scroll down page to get app that works with windows 7


2.  Remember where you download it and put icon on desktop or known area -( mine was blue circular ribbon in pentagon shape ) in case you need to reset it or find icon again.

3.  When starting "win auth" i hit the add key {bottom left corner} then went to Google authenticator option.

  • First it will ask you for a name you assign. Add google auth name ( Up to you ) secret RS name or app name.
  • The next sequential step asks you to pick an icon in association with name you just gave it ( also up to you )
  • Next step says 1. Enter secret code - this is the 16 digit bar code you get from the runescape site - note that it is possible to copy/paste this code or write down this 16 digit code since you cannot scan it. The page you get this from is after you hit           set up now: from this link


4. Ok now on this set up page it will have a scan option but pc users must hit wont scan and get this 16 digit code. ( true i wrote this down to be safe, but found that copy/paste works cause you must put this code in the Win Auth secret code area.

5.  Next 2. click verify and check 3. verify code matches.

After you put this code in Win Auth it will ask you to assign a password to Win Auth just for you (keep copy) to register.

6.  Leave the RS site open when you go back to Win Auth so when you get 6 digit code you can click over and type it in. ( may need to be fast at this).  After Authenticator is set up you will receive in game message that account is protected.

7. The Win Auth program seems to show a 6 digit code for 20 seconds or so. The 6 digit code then shows black dots: ------.     So you cant read it.  To see that code right click the blue circular icon to the right of the name and look at the options.  One of the options is  show  appears another 20 seconds. ( quickly type it in runescape page where it asks for 6 digits. )

8. When you right click the blue circular icon (has arrow at the end ) you can select Password, Show, Copy, Delete, Rename etc.

9. Keep in mind that when you log on runescape it will ask you for a new 6 digit code and when you enter a world it will ask you for a new 6 digit code.

* We are asking all to protect their account and keep all records safe. *

Clan Avatar

The clan Avatar is a summons that is accessed from the habitat located at the Clan Citadel. 

To learn more about specifics please click:


and/ or


Officers ranked Administrator or higher can summon the Avatar once per day, lasts (6 hours). All clan members that want to use the buffer must give Avatar 300 Anagorgic Orts (Ort) for the week.

* New rule about Avatar*

Any warden who forgets to release the clan avatar before logging off game can lose that privilege.

- Upon review of circumstance if officer forgets to release avatar, 1 warning will be given -

- The next offense will result in Job Title Avatar Warden to be removed for 1 week -

^ Note that officers hanging out in lobby are asked to log on, release avatar, before signing off the game^

** It is the responsibility of the summoning officer (Warden) to announce which 1 of the 3 bonuses (Buffers) that they will use for the Avatar.  Also please state the world which you are taking the Avatar so other members can receive the buffer you choose. **

Note that all clan members in that same world (or in close range) of the Avatar will receive those bonuses.

We would like to show that this new update is accepted and utilized without fighting and arguments!

Now that we have 3 Clan Avatars, we have proposed to keep 1 blue and 1 red and 1 green (please choose 1 when u summon)

Red                                                             Blue                                                                 White

1. +10% resources                                     1.  Auto - ort                                                    1.  Familiar last longer

2.  3% and 6% exp                                      2.  3% and 6% exp.                                            2.  3% and 6% exp

3.  Healing                                                 3.  Protector - takes damage                            3.  Auto - ort

A chart has been suggested to help us know which 3 worlds we expect the avatar to be used on.  

Its most important we learn to share and we thank all who do!

  • Only Key ranks may use the recall button if an avatar is on a layaway period (24hours)
  • Be sure there is an announcement to the guild that an avatar is going to be retrieved
  • Key ranks must be sure to recall the right one, the menu will show you which avatar is still active

Summon time is 5pm eastern (8pm UTC) - 5pm eastern (8pm UTC) , the following day ( 24 hours )

After 6 hours it may ask you to re-summon

We ask all who want to use the Avatar to be familiar with the 7 buffers:

  1. Heal Over Time - heals small amount
  2. Familiar Faces - summoning familiars last longer
  3. Auto Ort - puts ort in bank automatically
  4. Skill Plot Bonus - 10% more resources at clan castle  (sunday night) * Must be in range of avatar *
  5. Skilling Bonus - 3% more exp (same world),  6% if in range of avatar (10-spaces)
  6. Random Ressurection - may bring player back to life
  7. Protector - takes damage instead of player

Once the Habitat is built and 3 buffers are loaded onto the Avatar,  you must destroy the Habitat to change them. (7 listed above)