Clan Creed  "We work together to get things done!"

This Guild has been formed to help both P2p (pay to play) and
F2p (free to play) members.

We have done lots to make the game a lot more fun and we care about our members.

Clan Colors:

Our primary colors are navy blue, silver and white.

They have been used interchangeably for designs on shields, flags, banners and vexillum.

This is our clan Vexillum.  Once you join the clan, you can obtain it from clan camp and it can teleport you.

Be sure to read rules page that explains how to obtain and use.

Players use this teleport to reach the new Priff city and the clan castle, that offers skilling plots used for bonus exp.

If you would like to talk with us please enter our clan chat "Elite Mortals"

We allow our members to host events and plan parties along with their own teams

This has helped us form a Clan Corp Team, Clan Dung Team, Clan anti-bot team.

Weekly raffles, prizes and promotions are updated and posted on this website.  We welcome any to come in and check us out.


The design is also on our clan cloak. (cape)  

The cloak gives a fealty reward every week after you skill 3 times when you reach the maximum amount at clan castle.

Members can use this free experience on any skill and it adds to players overall stats.