International Runescape Guild

We are recruiting all types of players and participate in all F2p (free to play) and P2p (pay to play) activities.

Please on the above tabs click:

About us - for our Creed

Ranks  - about our structure

Rules - about our clan charter

Announcements - on news and

Time Chart - explains Runescape time

Guild Avatar - learn how to protect account and the bottom half is on clan avatar

Teams - our clan teams and free download page

Please feel free to visit our clan chat "Elite Mortals" to learn more.

This is a basic map of our world.
You can enlarge the view in your browser settings.

We are growing to learn more, understand and help others.

New game content can be found from our announcement page tab at the top.  It explains clan events, goals, new links and prizes to weekly raffle.

The skills you choose to develop help you advance in ranks and learn more about the game.

We host events, parties and mini-games, ask any officer if you would like to be recruited!

Other postings from the guild can be found on our art websites and runescape thread forum.