Announcements and News

Runescape News - use this link to learn about new additions to the game

July 1rst Starts Costume Contest
  • In the month of July and August dress up your rs character in a summer, party, 4th of July theme
  • Post picture on the 2016 Summer Album to enter - group pics at castle 
  • Top 3 costumes will win - each guild member may vote for 3 outfits ( not including your own )

* First Place * - bond

F2p Bond event - June 20- 29th
Any free to play characters who earn 500kxp before June 29th.  Pick a number 1 - 100.

Mega May 2016

New Quest - River of Blood

* Make and keep the new lvl 78 Reforged Sunspear - you can convert it into melee, range, or mage

* Players gain knowledge of 6 types of blood essence

God Wars Dungeon 2 - The Boss's with levels required include:
  • Helwyr (Seren’s general) – 80 Magic
  • The Twin Furies (Zamorak’s general) – 80 Ranged
  • Vindicta & Gorvek (Zaros’s general) – 80 Attack
  • Gregorovic (Sliske’s general) – 80 Prayer

Armor from Gwd2
Dormant armour pieces and their faction’s crest. Combine the crest and a dormant armour piece to create a piece of wearable, non-degrading, level 80 armour. Wearable armour can then be upgraded to degradable level 85 armour with essence gained from the bosses. Each boss’s armour suits a particular discipline - melee (Zaros), ranged (Zamorak), magic (Seren) and hybrid (Sliske).Reputation, Events, Assigments and Feng the bounty master are explained here:

2016 Easter Event - Chocolate Factory  (Ooompa - Loompa ... )

Rune Clan
- this quick link is being added to help us acknowledge clan achievements and individuals who excel in the game.  Feel free to announce in clan chat any outstanding accomplishments and build team spirit !

Art Websites

Post runescape art on Facebook page or Webs artsite


Also on our Webs page at:

Waterfall fishing- Priffddinas

-See link above for requirements-

Weekly Clan Donation Day

  • At the beginning of the new build week ( Sunday )
  • We will be accepting donations, big or small ( don't hurt your bank)

New Crystal Pickaxe and Hatchet

Need 4000 Harmonic dust to convert them, the new item does not degrade

Give the dust to Lady Ithell at Priffdinas to obtain:

Elf City Prifddinas is finally here !- please note the quests to gain access

New Expert Skill Capes - gather all shards in category to make

RS Companion - Works on cell phone, android app, tablets and P C ( Sept )

Runescape Bonds - can be bought at G E , 9/25/13 new item in game used for:

God Statutes

Once a month a p2p player can build these for construction, prayer or slayer exp. ( 4 locations)

Lumbridge - Saradomin (Zilyana)

Canifis - Zamorak (Kril Tsutsaroth)

Yanille - Bandos (Graardor)

Taverly - Guthix (Juna)

** Clan Raffle ** - Sunday night each week at 7pm eastern (00:00 UTC) for all people who completed resources in that week.

When you complete 2700 resources for the week (cap) at the clan castle, pick a number between (1 - 400).  Report the number to Calivon         or the person holding the raffle for that week.  Prizes will be announced.  We will hold prizes for two weeks for any winners to retrieve.

May 1rst. Raffle Prizes:3k blood runes, poly, 5k coal, arm gs, 100 rune bars, gano pon, 250 frost, 800 elders

               Winning numbers:329, 106, 271, 44, 390, 367, 5, 182, 204, 88

               Winners: smash, knee, luc, rad, warlord, irv, et, ktrapp, chaotic, bluefire

May 8th. Raffle Prizes: staff of light, 400 magic paper, 350 rocktail, 400 dragon b, 550 mah pl, 150 battlestaff, 4k coal, 200 frost, 800 elders

              Winning numbers:127, 5, 154, 290, 311, 252, 379, 183, 226, 133, 364,

              Winners: belgarion, E T, warface, akella, ijord, lucif, azhtral, ktrapp, fronki, knee, irvesk

May 15th. Raffle Prizes:850 elder, 250 frost, arm battst, 1200 addy ore, 6k coal, 400 dr b, poly, 5k mah l, 6k death r, bandos gs

                Winning numbers:195, 310, 28, 232, 135, 379, 48, 318, 9, 294, 152, 116, 124, 58

                Winners:keg, ijor, rad, vox, knee, irv, norl, fronki, brooky, akella, ktrapp, blumble, bel, et

May 22nd. Raffle Prizes:fury amulet, 40k spirit shards, 1200 addy ore, 450 raw rocktails, 250 frost, 900 elders, 5k coal, arma gs, 1500 monk

                 Winning numbers:377, 142, 1, 118, 73, 221, 290, 346, 182, 23, 49, 256, 103

                 Winners:irvesk, ktrapp, brooky, blumble, blue, inf cheeta, akella, smash, keg, miss caye, ijordan, criple, nor

May 29th. Raffle Prizes:1000 elder logs, 400 frost bones, torva helm, staff of light, 400 royal dr h, 500 raw rock, 20k strawbs

                Winning numbers:225, 206, 163, 194, 239, 8, 119, 389, 259, 168, 219, 141, 57

                Winners: n33, inf cheeta, war, darth l, voxx, brooky, blumb, chance, criple, fronki, help, nor, smash

June 5th. Raffle Prizes:guthan ch, dhareks pl, 2300 swordfish, bandos gs, amulet fury, 200 rock soup, hood of sub, 100 vis, 200 fro, 600 eld

               Winning numbers:146, 344, 4, 211, 58, 179, 41, 23, 267, 162, 72, 206, 396

               Winners:knee, irv, nissan, help, elve, et, brooky, akella, war, blue, keg, paul, criple

June 12th. Raffle Prizes:6k coal, blade of avar, 10 elder seeds, fury am, fl. trousers, onyx, crys dag, 200 frosy, 800 elder, raz gaunt

                 Winning numbers:223, 129, 310, 230, 164, 349, 113, 71, 199, 42, 291, 383, 242

                 Winners:n33, bel, ijord, wish, blake, nor, blum, blue, keg, smash, styx, chance, vox

June 19th. Raffle Prizes:20 mag seeds, blade of nymora, 100 War turt, 800 elder, 200 frost, ward of sub, infinity gloves

                  Winning numbers:312, 134, 29, 192, 229, 140, 262, 204, 251, 7, 46, 360, 281, 184

                  Winners:Ijord, nor, shiro, wish, vox, knee, roseyx, help, crip, brooky, smash, chance, akella, keg

June 28th.  Raffle Prizes:blade of avaryss, 100 turtles,1k shark,400 addy bar,bandos b, 6k coal, 4k mah logs, 500 drag, 200 frost, 600 elder

                  Winning numbers:126, 33, 97, 394, 326, 139, 242, 281, 305, 280, 207, 295

                  Winners:bel, smash, ibrett, n33, mage, knee, crip, akella, blake, wish, help, avantani

July 3rd.  Raffle Prizes: dragon lance, 1k frost, 1k elders, bond, sgs god sword, dragon pick, 4 pc armadyl set, 10k coal

               Winning numbers:206, 355, 117, 248, 134, 261, 236, 284, 149, 307, 71, 269, 31, 172, 94, 290, 393, 11, 322, 279, 46

               Winners:Happy 4th. Everyone won, still prizes for: franki, bel, mystic, nor, rosey, knee, nissan, avan, ibrett, styx

July 10th. Raffle Prizes:100 war turt, 800 gr white sh, flared trou, 10k cabbages, 5 pc mystic, drag hatchet, 50 silvh feath, dhar pl, lvl 85 sw.

                Winning numbers:133, 279, 68, 26, 262, 234, 189, 40, 146, 223, 236, 159, 371

                Winners:nor, avar, blue, sweaty, shiro, vox, nissan, knee, mage, akella, war, n33

July 17th. Raffle Prizes:suitcase, 150 frost, 700 elder, mimic h, 10 gold leaf, 1k shark, 800 great wh shark, 9k rune ar, sara brew, pr potions

                Winning numbers:196, 233, 291, 2, 147, 311, 36, 330, 279, 228, 162, 359

                Winners: sweaty, vox, shiro, brooky, knee, ijord, bandos, don, nissan, mege, aunduain, frankie

July 24th. Raffle Prizes:2 lvl 85 sword, fury, 6k coal, 3500 mah, 7k in energy, 1k great white, 700 mag note, inf gl and boots, 600 elder

                Winning numbers: 243, 167, 234, 128, 241, 53, 154, 397, 258, 298, 250, 306, 225

                Winners:sweaty, shiro, vox, knee, akella, smash, war, n33, roseythorn, ijordan, crip, frankie, blake, snibble

July 31rst. Raffle Prizes:

                Winning numbers:



Goals and Accomplishments !!!

(July 15th. - July 31rst.)

  • Shadow dragoon outfit, boat to the arc event and seasinger challenge with tools at port sarim
  • Morvran the slayer master, arc weapon challenge, mini quest in player owned ports - start with trader stan
  • Telos / Zamorakian ability codex, wed dung, weekend bossing and costume contest continues in august

(July 1rst. - July 15th.)

  • Vic the trader at burthorpe ,and uncle sam at cook guild, clan dung night is every wednesday
  • 4th of July raffle, costume contest begins - see details at top of page
  • Solomons discounts, streams and live events planned for July, trying out clan bossing weekends, Host a boss !

(June 15th. -  June 30th.)

  • Ninja fixes to invention, shark gear on treasure hunter, Gower quest trailer released
  • F2p bond event 19 - 30th, Falador massacre anniversary w 111, new memorial to falador park
  • Solomons store scorpian outfit, talks of a summer theme/4th of july costume contest

(June 1rst. - June 15th.)

  • New solo boss - Telos for Gwd2 - to be released * see news page link above * New armor of seasons on treasure hunter
  • Gowers brothers quest - new area for cabbagemancers - tier 90 augmentable armor
  • Illumination aura to be used for june (every 5 activations) offers 100% xp bonus

(May 15th. - May 30th.)

  • Invention tech trees - see news page, may weekends bonus
  • Pak yak plushie, new streams, griffon outfit
  • Clan recruit competition above, hosting f2p king black dragon and other team events

(May 1rst. - May 15th.)

  • Each day in may and each weekend is said to have special events ( see link above)
  • Dueling ninjas in the game and new camoflage outfits at solomons
  • New quest with Sliske called Kindred spirits to be released

(April 15th. - April 30th.)

  • New Nxt client download - may have some issues that need to be corrected, game errors have been reported
  • Treasure Hunter dragon trinkets both metallic and chromatic
  • Morytania upgrade - new area, new slayer monsters, statue and plushie activity

(April 1rst. - April 15th.)

  • Clan Gwd2 team - leaders *people who can host* team members will be posted on teams page (hints, tips and stradegy for gwd2)
  • New treasure hunter rares - ban hammer, twang bow, balancing wand - old rares also available with token
  • Improvements on clan chat, future events and active clan member list update

(Mar. 15th. - Mar. 31rst)

  • Heart of Gielinor event ending - check rewards chest when completed, new rogue outfits - check solomons
  • Easter Event - link above choco butterflies part of the event and items also expected to be on treasure hunter
  • New Clan gwd2 team - if you can host or want to be on the team contact team leaders

(Mar. 1rst. - Mar. 15th.)

  • F2p bosses mole and king black dragon are now available, extravaganza and new mammoth outfits
  • Members GWD 2 expected to arrive, skills tools for invention ( woodcut and fishing) , runescape chronicle legends beta also to be released
  • St. patricks Day event ( link will be at top ) and clan key meetings on rules, new votes on deputy owners

(Feb. 15th. - Feb. 28th)

  • Double xp weekend 26-29, idle adventures see news page,
  • Mimic on treasure hunter, use up petals and souls before feb 29th
  • New clan citadel rune stone that calls avatars, top 3 ranks in clan have accessibility to use it

(Feb. 1rst. - Feb. 15th.)

  • Invention updates and fixes - check with news page, New monkey trinkets Zodiac training
  • Hati and skoll, Nomads Eligy, Grotesque souls for slayer
  • Announcing good invention combinations in clan chat, all guild is welcome to post good combos for bonus's and augmented traits

(Jan. 15th. - Jan. 31rst.)

  • Hati and skoll link will be put on top of this page under the news link, finish the outfit set with Fenrir
  • F2p contest, new mexican sobrero, mask, plushie pinatas at treasure hunter
  • New skill invention to be released, training and team activities will be planned , if available

(Jan. 1rst - Jan. 15th)

  • Runescapes 15th year anniversary- link above, plans of new recruit efforts
  • Gallery of 15th birthday memories contest in the forums, chance to win additional prizes
  • Talks of Hati and Skoll, new skill invention and Winter Weekends 5 - Mazcab and raiding in effect

We are happy members have committed to improving clan chat and making the game more pleasant, 

so keep up the great Job!!!