Announcements and News

Runescape News - use this link to learn about new additions to the game

April Costume Competition (Theme:  Video Game Character)

  • Dress up your RS person as any video game character in the month of April
  • Contact anyone who can take a pic and post it on the clan art website, video game album
  • Votes will be taken in clan chat, each person can vote for 3 (other than themselves)

* 1rst place - 5mil, 2nd Place - 3mil, 3rd place - Armadyl God Sword *

Post pics on our Facebook page and Royal can put it on the 2015 Video Game Character Album


Also added a 2015 Video Game Album on our Webs clan art page at:

Easter Mini Quest

Weekly Clan Donation Day

  • At the beginning of the new build week ( Sunday )
  • We will be accepting donations, big or small ( dont hurt your bank)
  • Contact Spud for availability

Clan Recruiting Competition ( p2p )  * March 15th. - March 31rst. *

  • When you recruit someone please inform them of basic rules, clan website
  • Report to an upper officer who you recruited or Calivon to be put on spreadsheet
  • Top 2 prizes will be rewarded at the end of march

1rst place - bond ( cash value )  2nd - 5 mil cash 

Announcing First Clan Player Owned House ( POH ) competition

The rules, prizes and categories are posted at the bottom of the Teams page tap ( upper right corner )

Competitors may enter the whole month of February - winners announced in March

A House Album is being added to the clan art site on both webs and facebook pages ( links below )

*Winners of Poh Results*

Tier 1 - Mythic Nova

Tier 3 - II Corey

Tier 4 - Xandaria, 2nd - Warface, 3rd - Elitered

Tier 5 - Smashpow

Thank you everyone who entered and worked hard on raising construction level for the clan !  ^u^

"Hati and skoll  Kick off 2015"

*Christmas 2014 * "Festive Cheer"

  • Deliver presents - Pull cracker emote
  • Tinsel snake Hunt
  • Weekend bonus event all month

Clan Christmas Outfit Competition

  • Dress up your RS character in your favorite Christmas theme
  • Get the picture on Webs artsite or Facebook art page
  • Vote for best 3 outfits ( not yourself )  **Report to Kanra or 22Kenji to have pics taken and to report votes**

Post pics on Facebook page and have royal put it on the 2014 Christmas album:


Also added a 2014 Christmas Album with rules on our Webs page at:

!! Clan Potato Award !! (Thanksgiving contest)

  • This year dress up your rs character in your favorite Thanksgiving theme
  • Vote for the best 2 costumes ( not yourself ) Give Calivon your selections to be put on spreadsheet
  • The person with the most votes receives "Potato Award" - Awarded by Spud ( psst.  Award said to be over 5 mil )

~ Pics will be put on the Facebook and Webs Clan artwork sites ~

New Crystal Pickaxe and Hatchet

Need 4000 Harmonic dust to convert them, the new item does not degrade

Give the dust to Lady Ithell at Priffdinas to obtain:

Elf City Prifddinas is finally here !- please note the quests to gain access

New Expert Skill Capes - gather all shards in category to make

RS Companion - Works on cell phone, android app, tablets and P C ( Sept )

New Offhand Stabbing Sword ( July )

Jessicas Sword - matches the Korasi set ( Pest control Reward )

Runescape Bonds - can be bought at G E , 9/25/13 new item in game used for:

New Clan Artwork site - (Holiday art and drawings are posted)



God Statutes

Once a month a p2p player can build these for construction, prayer or slayer exp. ( 4 locations)

Lumbridge - Saradomin (Zilyana)

Canifis - Zamorak (Kril Tsutsaroth)

Yanille - Bandos (Graardor)

Taverly - Guthix (Juna)

** Clan Raffle ** - Sunday night each week at 8pm eastern (00:00 UTC) for all people who completed resources in that week.

When you complete 2700 resources for the week (cap) at the clan castle, pick a number between (1 - 300).  Report the number to Calivon         or the person holding the raffle for that week.  Prizes will be announced.  We will hold prizes for two weeks for any winners to retrieve.

Mar. 22nd. raffle Prizes: 7 mag seeds, 250 bl leather, 450 rocktails, 475 elder, 100 frost bones, 150 dw. weed, 530 mah planks

                           Winning numbers:341, 94, 255, 282, 59, 119, 208, 368, 271, 293, 190, 156, 103, 308, 397

                           Winners: gimme, yoda, demon, i do, c6, bel, agor, reiv, mr. biggles, fire, curly, war, jama, ijor, spud

April 5th. raffle Prizes:bandos cp, robin h, arm gloves, raw rocktail, 3k blood, yew logs, ahrims wand, 500 dr. bones,

                          Winning numbers:335, 183, 70, 129, 309, 256,104,49,364,118,381,84, 153, 218, 149, 234, 228, 29,162, 32,202,293,396,133

                          Winners:Happy easter all, everyone who entered won this week! go team <3

April, 12th. raffle Prizes:drag stones, rocktail, addy bars, black drag helm, mith ore, frost bones, elder logs, gimy lant

                            Winning numbers:56, 361, 11, 247, 305, 228, 114, 131, 203, 73, 399, 295, 273

                            Winners: c6, roch, royal, demon, ijord, opus, l2d2, tsu, curly, ripper, spud, chase, haas

April, 19th. raffle Prizes: bandos gloves, boots, frost drag mask, robin h, dfs, flared trou, black cav, mah logs, coal, sara whis

                            Winning numbers: 244, 381, 124, 238, 77, 163, 361, 311, 189, 218, 51, 391, 183, 9, 390, 30, 272, 326, 128, 297, 139

                            Winners:dem, win, bel, opus, yoda, war, roch, ijor, cur, agor, corey, spud, akam, roy, avid, gravy, smash, gimm, ijen, fire, vio

April, 26th. raffle Prizes: dfs mag, rune ore, zam gs, water tali, addy bars, mag seed, potion prizes, tuna potat, raw monk, frosty bones

                            Winning numbers:35, 224, 96, 64, 131, 371, 27, 285, 349, 207, 58, 163, 14, 186, 108, 237

                            Winners:fool, snib, jama, johnyC, avid, spud, slfire, gimme, fasc, fire, rune, war, ijor, metris, akam, l2d2, opus

May 3rd. raffle  Prizes: 50k maples, 4500 teak, 15 yew seeds, 100 rune, 500 elder logs, 6k coal, 150 frost, bandos boots, ahrims box

                         Winning numbers: 129, 337, 66, 214, 49, 362, 114, 327, 398, 188, 138, 164, 290, 12, 363

                         Winners:styx, gimme, runelov, snibb, gravy, rochelle, belgarion, jes, wintas, chase, violet, warface, fire, royal, spud

May 10th. raffle Prizes:175 onxy b, arm crsbow, bandos chest, 400 mud keys, veracs set, 500 elder, 150 frost, 1k tuna pot

                          Winning numbers: 153, 36, 81, 265, 48, 111, 203, 23, 364, 236, 288, 130, 96, 1, 87, 306, 155, 249, 107

                          Winners: viol, isom, avid, smash, corey, L2, snib, gravy, roch, opus, fire, ijenna, jama, roayl, yoda, ijord, war, thejes, bel, run

May 17th. raffle Prizes:zam spear, 500mith, 2500 mah, fury, silverhawk f, 220 rocktail, cactus spine, limpwurt, tuna pot, 600 elder

                          Winning numbers:228, 41, 316, 147, 371, 109, 11, 283, 244, 33, 62, 349, 177, 206, 312, 126, 138

                          Winners:opus, corey, mege, violet, spud, jama, royal, fire, og slow, fool, yoda, reiv, akam, isoma, ijordan, bel, rochelle

May 24th. raffle Prizes: 2k diamonds, 500 raw rock, 1100 mag logs, 210 gr. torstol, 2k blood, 150 frost, 600 elder logs, frost mask

                          Winning numbers:78, 134, 245, 205, 394, 74, 149, 16, 246, 307, 31, 372, 39, 270, 212, 163, 298

                          Winners:ogshell, ijenn, aun, isoma, wint, rune, viol, royal, thejes, mege, fool, spud, corey, smash, opus, war, ijord

May 31rst. raffle Prizes:

                          Winning numbers:


Goals and Accomplishments !!!

(May 16th. - May 31rst.)

  • May road trip and chits continue, new thalers can be earned by playing any mini game, which you can spend on any rewards
  • Clan improvements - team has finished weapons rack - Way to go ! , new additions include new mage statue
  • Winners of clan costume event, talks of new recruit efforts, clan corp and bossing continues

(May 1rst - May 15th.)

  • Start New Grand weapons rack at clan castle, Lets keep encouraging others to cap. ( Go Team ! <3 )
  • New Runescape client to download plus game will run from Rs main site - see news page, All month bonus weekend events
  • Protean logs for fm or construction skills, daily challenges for xp lamps, explorer's aura, new compass - companion pet, 5 piece hikers suit

(Apr. 15th. - Apr. 30th.)

  • Finish weapons statue at castle, finish clan costume contest ( votes in clan chat )
  • New dwarven tools, pulse cores on treasure hunter, cuts on chrome support plugin soon- please download game client (see news page)
  • Recent bts video on aquariums, rs art competition, vic the trader for double xp in burthorpe

(Apr. 1rst - Apr. 15th)

  • Mini Easter event, Clan costume contest begins ( details above )
  • Start weapons holder, combat mage statute at clan castle - raffle is now 1-400
  • Keys to nominate new upper officers, guthix butterflies ( 20 per day ) for xp

(Mar. 15th. - Mar. 31rst.)

  • Easter mini-quest and periments, new shark outfits on treasure hunter 
  • Clan voting on next costume theme will continue 1. historical figure, 2. anime, 3. video game character
  • Castle improvement goal to finish dragon hedge, next improvements will be decided

(Mar 1rst - Mar. 15th.)

  • Clan Dragon Hedge 2 begins - seeking assistance from active players to cap and promote teamwork
  • Winners of POH to be announced, wood cutting event ,clan chat trivia, recruit competition in the making
  • Ninja update, more rewards for demon flash mobs, beta legacy eoc mash up ( follow news link above )

(Feb. 15th. - Feb 28th)

  • Finish Clan Dragon hedge 1
  • New rare item tokens
  • Plans for recruit competition, votes for costume theme ideas

(Feb. 1rst - Feb. 15th.)

  • First clan Poh competition - prizes and rules on teams tab page, poh album will be made for both art sites
  • Assistance at castle needed for matching pair of dragon hedges, Valentines event collect rose petals
  • Recruit competition to be made, hosting of dung and gwd needed ( new teams list being made)

(Jan 15th. - Jan 31)

  • Complete water fountain start new pair of matching dragon bushes at clan castle
  • Hati and skoll are back - 2015 link above, new winter gear at solomons, new alchemist amulet on treasure hunter
  • New rule imposed on update, new recruits may cap at castle, rules for making full clan members in the workings

(Jan 1rst. - Jan. 15th.)

  • Finished Castle Walls - Outstanding Job to start the new year ! (Royal will be adding designs to castle)
  • New Mini boss pets - rare drops will allow you to have a pet of your favorite boss
  • Follow news link above for new year additions to the game. This is our 5th year Anniversary for the clan ! <3

(Dec. 15th. - Dec. 31rst.)

  • Finish Castle Walls - improvements on clan citadel, new choices will be voted on after this is complete
  • Votes Begin for Christmas costume contest - give choices to Kanra or 22Kenjii
  • Snowboarding - link above, Christmas festive events and ending another great year for the Guild ! <3

(Dec. 1rst. - Dec 15th.)

  • Rs event Festive Cheer (link above), Weekend bonus activities all month
  • Get cheer points to spend at the shop for snowman outfit, new icycle weapon override
  • Christmas outfit competition (Kanra and 22), clan improvements castle walls (roots initiative)

We are happy members have committed to improving clan chat and making the game more pleasant, 

so keep up the great Job!!!