Announcements and News

Runescape News - use this link to learn about new additions to the game

2016 Christmas Events and Bonus's
  • Festive aura now active [ + 50% xp ]
  • Each weekend there is a bonus activity for the whole month
  • New x mas items and blast from the past quests

Guild Holiday Costume Contest

  • This holiday season our album will contain themes of x mas and new years costumes
  • Have pictures posted on clan artsite ( you can also choose an emote to show off your outfit)
  • Voting will start and will be required to enter New Years raffle ( *choose the best 3 you like, besides your own *)

P2P Recruit Competition (Dec. 1 - 18th

  • The person who recruits the most in 10 days, wins 10 mil runescape coins
  • Give names of all you recruit to Calivon in the guild chat
  • Additional prizes will be rewarded if goal is met (25)
2016 Thanksgiving F2p bond event ( 10 days )
  • All or any f2p players who earn 500k xp in the guild from 11/15/16 - 11/25/16
  • After 500k xp, pick a number 1-50, Give number to Calivon in clan chat
  • Drawing will be on 11/27/16 before castle event

2016 Halloween RS Event ( Till November 7th. )Dr. Fenkenbrain - north of Falador teleport stone to start the event

Halloween Costume Contest 2016 - Voting begins the last week of October

  • In the month of October dress up your rs character in any Halloween costume
  • Post picture on the 2016 Halloween Album to enter - group pics at castle 
  • Top 3 costumes will win - each guild member may vote for 3 outfits ( not including your own )

* First Place * - Drygore LongSword ( 20 mil ) - Smashpow

* Second Place * - Bond ( 12 mil ) - Calivon

* Third Place * - 6 mil  rs coins - Aunduain

To Vote:  View our Album here at this quick link:  ( Pick 3 you like: Give names to Calivon in guild chat )

This one should take you to the main page at the art site:

New Skilling Pets

Teamspeak and Discord - We are offering those to research and enter any teamspeak at your own risk.  Here are some links you can find the programs.


Discord Channel
All feel free to join anytime
Help wanted channel : 230151043604938754 
God Wars Dungeon 2 - The Boss's with levels required include:
  • Helwyr (Seren’s general) – 80 Magic
  • The Twin Furies (Zamorak’s general) – 80 Ranged
  • Vindicta & Gorvek (Zaros’s general) – 80 Attack
  • Gregorovic (Sliske’s general) – 80 Prayer

Armor from Gwd2
Dormant armour pieces and their faction’s crest. Combine the crest and a dormant armour piece to create a piece of wearable, non-degrading, level 80 armour. Wearable armour can then be upgraded to degradable level 85 armour with essence gained from the bosses. Each boss’s armour suits a particular discipline - melee (Zaros), ranged (Zamorak), magic (Seren) and hybrid (Sliske).Reputation, Events, Assigments and Feng the bounty master are explained here:

Waterfall fishing- Priffddinas

-See link above for requirements-

Crystal Pickaxe and Hatchet

Need 4000 Harmonic dust to convert them, the new item does not degrade

Give the dust to Lady Ithell at Priffdinas to obtain:

Elf City Prifddinas is finally here !- please note the quests to gain access

New Expert Skill Capes - gather all shards in category to make

RS Companion - Works on cell phone, android app, tablets and P C ( Sept )

Runescape Bonds - can be bought at G E , 9/25/13 new item in game used for:

God Statutes

Once a month a p2p player can build these for construction, prayer or slayer exp. ( 4 locations)

Lumbridge - Saradomin (Zilyana)

Canifis - Zamorak (Kril Tsutsaroth)

Yanille - Bandos (Graardor)

Taverly - Guthix (Juna)

Art Websites

Post runescape art on Facebook page or Webs artsite


Also on our Webs page at:

** Clan Raffle ** - Sunday night each week at 7pm eastern (00:00 UTC) for all people who completed resources in that week.

When you complete 2700 resources for the week (cap) at the clan castle, pick a number between (1 - 400).  Report the number to Calivon         or the person holding the raffle for that week.  Prizes will be announced.  We will hold prizes for two weeks for any winners to retrieve.

Aug. 7th. Raffle Prizes:poly st, 800 gr white, 1k addy, gem combo, 150 frost, 700 elder, 195 onxy bolts(e), 2k cann, shard malice

               Winning numbers:284, 1, 352, 229, 185, 277, 129, 204, 86, 247, 31, 249

               Winners:dieh, brooky, ibrett, vox, aborski, sweaty, neon, hex, war, keinford, arr pirate, crip

Aug. 14th. Raffle Prizes:15k broad ar, fl trou, 150 frost, 800 elder, straw para, 500 addy, 30 nightmare, 3 crys seed, 4k astral, 3k orbs

                 Winning numbers:282, 39, 254, 209, 306, 127, 241, 111, 353, 279, 178, 197, 138, 394, 203, 44, 242

                 Winners:nissan, frankie, hades, mage, ijord, bel, kein, oxeye, acca, die, agor, fronk, neon, n33, hex, smash, akella

Aug. 21rst. Raffle Prizes:7k ascen, claudia wings, 1k maki, 1k gr white, coral dagger, puffer and starfish b, 125 frost, 800 eld, 100 rune o

                  Winning numbers:256, 363, 135, 273, 359, 39, 320, 101, 227, 171, 389, 74, 192, 203, 239, 308

                  Winners:ibrett, neon, die, acca, smash, pop, elkin, vox, niss, n33, war, mage, hex, kein, gors, ijord

Aug. 28th. Raffle Prizes:8000 coal, 600 dragon b, 6 k mah, beach tokens, 9k broad b, 1300 shield b, 700 elder, starfish, 2k natures

                 Winning numbers:267, 353, 319, 19, 240, 136, 206, 145, 398, 239, 96, 41

                 Winners:die, acca, hex, 22kenjii, akella, nissan, vox, neon, n33, keinferd, war, smash

Sept. 4th. Raffle Prizes:5k mah, 6k coal, herb combo, starfish pet, tokens, pharoahs, poly, 125 frost, 500 elder, 40 silver feath

                Winning numbers:32, 286, 317, 34, 106, 157, 258, 127, 108, 347, 89, 331, 229

                Winners: blum, akella, hex, smash, shiro, neon, dieheart, bunbun, shiro, neems, war, nissan, vox

Sept. 11th. Raffle Prizes: 2500 mah log, 6k coal, 40 torstol, 6k ascension, 1k sharks, starfish pet, 500 elderlogs, 125 frosty bones

                  Winning numbers: 249, 108, 376, 91, 137, 305, 50

                  Winners: shiro, blumblebee, neems, warface, neon, hex, smash

Sept. 18th. Raffle Prizes:800 elder, 200 frost, starfish combo, male kite sh, 500 rock, dfs, 150 rune ore, 6k coal, 800 gr maki

                  Winning numbers: 136, 342, 264, 320, 31, 111, 383, 154, 339, 116, 208, 184, 165

                  Winners: neon, gold dog, akella, hex, smash, bunbun, neems, demon, ijordan, blumble, help w, agorski, shiro

Sept. 25th. Raffle Prizes: sara god sword, 900 elder logs, starfish, 12k coal, 50 silv, karils bow, dfs, 400 great gunkan, poly, zam sp, nightm

                  Winning numbers:76, 218, 102, 307, 84, 39, 291, 135, 8, 362, 57, 344, 96, 241

                  Winners:dan, help, bunbun, hex, war, mr fow, akkella, neon, arr pir, nissan, smash, acca, the reaper, keinferd

Oct. 2nd. Raffle Prizes:3000 mah, 700 gr white, 20 nightmare, poly, sara pl body, 600 elder, 125 frost, 3k gano, 100 rune ore, pharoh

               Winning numbers: 221, 7, 312, 94, 354, 71, 309, 295, 173, 396, 131, 287

               Winners: help, smash, gold d, war, acca, dan, blake, ijor, shiro, n33, neon, akella, aunduain

Oct. 9th. Raffle Prizes:100 rock, dfs, 20 musphah, 1000 gr. maki, 7k asc, poly p, zam sp, 1k raw shark, 6k coal, 100 rune or, 600 eld,

              Winning number:335, 181, 16, 310, 126, 284, 42, 198, 393, 75, 67, 5

              Winners:acca, aun, arr pir, hex, gold, e3 navy, smash, demon, neems, dan, bug, bun bun

Oct. 16th. Raffle Prizes:1k sharks, 6k rune arrow, poly, 6500 coal, 20,000 white feathers, 200 frost dragon bones, 750 elder

                 Winning numbers:92, 181, 264, 16, 321, 268, 179

                 Winners:Warface, shiro, e3navy, gravy, hex, akella, aunduain

Oct. 23rd. Raffle Prizes:600 elder, 125 frost, 1k mag notes, 3500 mah logs, 7k coal, 125 vis wax, bandos gear, poly

                 Winning numbers:194, 304, 9, 61, 148, 47, 145, 273, 39

                 Winners:help, akella, gravy, walter, neon, mister, sir mum, e3navy, smash

Oct. 30th. Raffle Prizes: (v--v) rage fire, seasinger, pernix, 1500 elder, dragon pl, seahorse pet, dragon rider, 350 frost,dragon pick

                 Winning numbers:365, 184, 37, 68, 152, 88, 4, 19, 57, 48, 208, 264, 137, 165, 14, 301,

                 Winners:hex, akella, sir n, ar, white, gravy, nat, bunbun, lit sam, war, smash, mage, e3, neon, aun, bamb, everyone who entered

Nov. 6th. Raffle Prizes:armadyl cb, dfs, 7k coal, 1500 raw shark, 125 frost bones, 600 elders, bandos

                Winning numbers:227, 11, 379, 35, 164, 104, 31

                Winners: yz, bun, war, fool, gravy, walter, ar pirate

Nov. 13th. Raffle Prizes:40 nightmares, 7k coal, 4k incandescent energy, 3k mahogany logs, 200 frost bones, 600 elders

                 Winning numbers:367, 12, 127, 291, 62, 216

                 Winners:Fool f, lit sam, sir mums, e4 navy, bug, Yz

Nov. 20th. Raffle Prizes:pharoahs, poly, gown of sub, bandos/dragon rider/ 1000 gr. maki, 600 elders, 200 frost, 1500 raw shark

                 Winning numbers:370, 82, 11, 124, 46, 187, 135, 223

                 Winners:e4navy, bug, lit sam, sir mum, smash, yz1, neon, fool

Nov. 27th. Raffle Prizes:  Rubber turkey, arcane sigil, bandos chest, saradomin gs, bond, 800 elder, 400 frost, 3 glove set

                 Winning numbers:221, 34, 261, 267, 144, 395, 236, 365, 319, 282, 193, 47, 4, 329

                 Winners:yz1, gravy, kas, e4, sir mum, neems, lit sam, pul, ijordan, fool, avar, smash, popcorn, hype

Dec. 4th. Raffle Prizes:500 elder, 6k coal, 40 nightmare musp, rainbow token, christmas pudding balloon, pinata plushie, 150 frosties

               Winning numbers:238, 193, 129, 75, 390, 219, 262

               Winners: moose, avartani, neon, sir mums, imusin, red yuri, fool freak

Dec.11th. Raffle Prizes:

                Winning numbers:


 Rune Clan - this quick link is being added to help us acknowledge clan achievements and individuals who excel in the game.  Feel free to announce in clan chat any outstanding accomplishments and build team spirit !

Goals and Accomplishments !!!

(Dec. 1rst. - Dec. 15th.)

  • Clan p2p recruit members competition, recruit info for that contest is at top of page
  • Rs winter contest to win puter and real life god sword, information on home page
  • Start of holiday costume competition, Christmas and New Years themes included

(Nov. 15th. - Nov. 30th)

  • Thanksgiving trivia, rs bond event, recruiting goal was met, mimic boss
  • New items on treasure hunter, solomons specials
  • Thxgiving raffle and rs event to be posted

(Nov. 1rst. - Nov. 15th.)

  • Rs event with embers - link at the top of page, finish up Halloween contest
  • Smouldering lamps at treasure hunter - november deals at solomons
  • Start of clan recruit event, prepare for thanksgiving raffle

(Oct. 15th. - Oct. 31rst.)

  • Halloween costume contest - see details at top of page, spider runecoins, privateer set solomons, dungeoneer outfit solomons
  • Clan Chat trivia - Halloween trivia while you skill, also planning Halloween Hide and seek planning on the 29th of Oct.
  • Rs Halloween event - link will be at top of page

(Oct. 1rst. - Oct. 15th)

  • Start 2016 halloween album - contest info will be posted at the top of this page - Burthorpe drop trivia, scrolls, xp rewards
  • Clan events, solar flare on treasure hunter, solomons october update ( peacock outfit, etc. )
  • Customer support week, elite skilling outfit 7% xp, october events, Dr fenkenstrain - see rs homepage

(Sept. 15th - Sept. 30th)

  • Double xp weekend - see rs homepage
  • deathmath pvp  udate with miniquest - tales of nomad
  • new trimmed completionist cape, grats on all xp, 99's and reunion in clan chat

(Sept. 1 - Sept. 15th)

  • 250 mil giveaway - see site above, illumination aura is over, new treasure hunter port game
  • Finish Costume voting - results will be posted, bossing and dung clan teams
  • New augmentable picks and blueprints

(August 15th. - August 31rst.)

  • Lumbridge beach party - terrorbird racing and hook a duck for agility/ hunt xp
  • Fight clawdia for consumable items and 13 wearable summer outfit pieces
  • Clan costume contest ends, new outfits at solomons, live stream summer events see rs homepage

(August 1rst. - August 15th.)

  • New Wilderness divy spot , farming and herblore with potion to hide your marker on mini map ( hides the dot )
  • Updated bandit camp, extra key on treasure hunter, lumbridge beach party set to be released soon
  • Clan costume contest, f2p bond event, clan dung wed, weekend bossing, teamspeak hosting, go Team !!!!

(July 15th. - July 31rst.)

  • Shadow dragoon outfit, boat to the arc event and seasinger challenge with tools at port sarim
  • Morvran the slayer master, arc weapon challenge, mini quest in player owned ports - start with trader stan
  • Telos / Zamorakian ability codex, wed dung, weekend bossing and costume contest continues in august

(July 1rst. - July 15th.)

  • Vic the trader at burthorpe ,and uncle sam at cook guild, clan dung night is every wednesday
  • 4th of July raffle, costume contest begins - see details at top of page
  • Solomons discounts, streams and live events planned for July, trying out clan bossing weekends, Host a boss !

(June 15th. -  June 30th.)

  • Ninja fixes to invention, shark gear on treasure hunter, Gower quest trailer released
  • F2p bond event 19 - 30th, Falador massacre anniversary w 111, new memorial to falador park
  • Solomons store scorpian outfit, talks of a summer theme/4th of july costume contest

(June 1rst. - June 15th.)

  • New solo boss - Telos for Gwd2 - to be released * see news page link above * New armor of seasons on treasure hunter
  • Gowers brothers quest - new area for cabbagemancers - tier 90 augmentable armor
  • Illumination aura to be used for june (every 5 activations) offers 100% xp bonus

We are happy members have committed to improving clan chat and making the game more pleasant, 

so keep up the great Job!!!