Announcements and News

Runescape News - use this link to learn about new additions to the game

New Deep Sea Fishing Hub ( lvl 68 needed )

View the 2017 holiday art album to vote or enter here:

New Elite Mortals Discord Channel

New Rule Ammended:
* All players must enter the weekly castle raffle atleast 1 hour prior to the new build week *

Clan Art Page

This one should take you to the main page of the art site:

New Skilling Pets

Teamspeak and Discord - We are offering those to research and enter any teamspeak at your own risk.  Here are some links you can find the programs.



Armor from Gwd2
Dormant armour pieces and their faction’s crest. Combine the crest and a dormant armour piece to create a piece of wearable, non-degrading, level 80 armour. Wearable armour can then be upgraded to degradable level 85 armour with essence gained from the bosses. Each boss’s armour suits a particular discipline - melee (Zaros), ranged (Zamorak), magic (Seren) and hybrid (Sliske). Reputation, Events, Assigments and Feng the bounty master are explained here:

Waterfall fishing- Priffddinas

-See link above for requirements-

Crystal Pickaxe and Hatchet

Need 4000 Harmonic dust to convert them, the new item does not degrade

Give the dust to Lady Ithell at Priffdinas to obtain:

New Expert Skill Capes - gather all shards in category to make

RS Companion - Works on cell phone, android app, tablets and P C ( Sept )

Runescape Bonds - Can be bought at G E , 9/25/13 new item in game used for:

Art Websites

Post Runescape art on Facebook page or Webs artsite


Also on our Webs page at:

** Clan Raffle ** - Sunday night each week at 7pm eastern (00:00 UTC) for all people who completed resources in that week.

When you complete 2700 resources for the week (cap) at the clan castle, pick a number between (1 - 400).  Report the number to Calivon       or the person holding the raffle for that week.  Prizes will be announced.  We will hold prizes for two weeks for any winners to retrieve.

After the date of the raffle, the number drawn, name of winner, and brief description of prize will follow.

April 1rst.

31 jopi-blueshirt, 364 genocide-bunyips, 84 Lumpy-herblore, 130 belgarion-costume combo, 331 kincade-4k mahogany logs, 388 brooky-easter flowers, 5 madaam- 60 super renew(6), 319 Dilly- 300 springs and rune b, 292 Herr- 100 silverhawk, 53 meaty-scare tactics, 62 typo-green blouse, 203 outcst- rainbow parasol, 71 Tress-ring of coins, 237 Nido-1100 elder logs, 206 King fronky-500 ricj abd 500 sailfish, 32 C13po-1K shark 600 sailfish, 281 Me872-ring of trees, 109 blaster-ring of death

April 8th.

64 Typo- 7000 incandescent energy, 324 Dilly- 1500 skill chinc, 84 Lumpy- 3500 blood runes, 229 Nido- 800 sailfish, 3  C13po- 50 crytal keys, 297 Herr- Scare Tactics, 344 Madaam- 150 rune bars, 397 brooky- 600 elder logs

April 15th.

216 Mickeal F - 24 crest, 74 Lumpy - 50 searing ash, 324 Dr Green - 200 sailfish soup, 109 blaster - 50 crystal keys, 31 meaty- robin hood tights and shirt, 264 Sal- elemental battlestaff, 126 Belgarion- 600 elder logs, 2 C13po- elemental icon, 347 Genocide- Amulet forsaken

April 22nd.

245 Madaam - 50 rune battleaxe, 294 Herr - 30 herb pro combo, 329 Ihummer - 450 gr dwarf weed, 39 meaty - 1 guilded cavelear, 126 blaster, 98 google - dwellberry parasol, 221 nido - ring of coins, 17 C13po - 135 guido's bonfire, 48 typo - 200 sailfish, 273 Twisted - 600 elder logs

April 30th.

206 Nido - mainhand turkey, 317 Dr Green - 20 div charges, 64 Typo - rune pl (g), 278 Ne872- 200 vis wax, 92 Blaster - 5k nature runes, 29 C13po - 100 sear ash, 395 Brooky - 500 royal dr leath, 259 Sal - 1k blue blub, 290 Madaam - tux trousher, 301 Herr - 200 airut , 352 Ihmmer- Linza's hammer, 173 Klev - 200 sailfish

May 6th.

324 Drgreen- 100 rune axe, 164 Blaster - 15kcoal, 205 Mickael blue shirt rob hat, 37 xmaster- 500 roy dr hide, 343 genocide- 200 sailfish soup, 87 typo- lime para, 296 Herr- 2 tokens, 42 Meaty- 200 frost bones, 398 brooky- 600 eler logs

May 13th.

284 sal- 300 mystic cloth, 29 xmaster- 500 raw rocktail, 306 herr- blue gl and token combo, 151 alphai- 4600 incandescent

62 typo- 5000 mahogany logs, 225 ,oclea;/nido- amulet of the forsaken, 271 Wish- 150 rune bars, 339 ardemal - 1200 magic note paper

347 genocide- 600 elder, 124 Blaster-400 raw sailfish

May 20th.

48 xmaster - 30 nightm mus, 222 Nido - 550 diamonds, 136 Wish - wilderness hilt, 381 Geno - 10k arrow fletch prize, 6 Mickael - 3 augmentors, 264 Loki - 1k sailfish, 291 Madaam - Whopper hilt, 27 C13po - 10 gold leafs, 84 Ihummer - 200 frost dragon bones, 121 Blaster - 600 elder logs


Rune Clan - this quick link is being added to help us acknowledge clan achievements and individuals who excel in the game.  Feel free to announce in clan chat any outstanding accomplishments and build team spirit !

Goals and Accomplishments !!!

(May 15th. - May 31rst.)

  • Chainlink xp on treasure hunter, charity event mental awareness- unlock overrides or convert to xp tokens
  • Elite dungeons and player owned farms - possible release in june
  • Guild bossing, possible skilling event, speed fishing or charity related

(May 1rst. - May 15th.)

  • Parcels from the hedge, safecracking, server maintenance
  • New boss Solak, solomons deals, buried treasure on treasure hunter interface
  • Twitch live stream events, promotions and guild bossing

(April 15th. - April 30th)

  • Tribal task list and treasure hunter stamp promo, quality of life improvements to the game
  • Patch notes on Evil daves adventure, natures balance sword on livestream, 
  • Guild bossing, clan skilling xp event, time zone build, getting ready for great summer

(April 1rst. - April 15th.)

  • April fools rings, unstable stars on treasure hunter, spring carnival continues
  • Rebuilding edgeville, unlock effigy pet, prep for easter raffle and promotions
  • Toolbelt improvement, line firemaking, safecracking at thief guild

(March 15th. - March 31rst.)

  • Rabid jack with pieces of hate new quest and pirate zombies - pirate art contest ( see rs home page )
  • 4 new abilities at the caves mos les harmless - find the ancient tomb ( said to be tradeable even to F2p )
  • Community events, preparation for easter, clan corp and bossing events

(March 1rst. - March 15th.)

  • New electricity overrides, new deep sea fishing spot (link above), solomons deals
  • Guild promotions and recruit event coming soon
  • Royal spades pack, annual survey, chaotic tombs

(Feb. 15th. - Feb. 28th.)

  • Bank rework on shortcuts, elite skilling outfits, tainted wisps for weapon overrides
  • Mimic boss, twitter and live streams, guild promotions
  • Double xp weekend 23rd - 26th, lets skill away and grind out some awesome xp

(Feb. 1rst - Feb. 15th. )

  • Clue scroll rework, mining and smithing beta, live streams and mod events
  • Winners of costume contest, recruit event, clan bossing and dung
  • Return of the mimic boss, guild promotions, go team !

(Jan. 15th. - Jan. 30th.)

  • Vic the trader - burthorpe ( change to trade in dxp for points or lamps, items)
  • Hati and Skoll return - see above link
  • Guild recruiting, guild voting for costumes, new events for 2018

(Jan. 1rst. - Jan. 15th.)

  • Store deals for the new year and now gold membership available, Ty all for another wonderful year!
  • Winter weekends include january 5th - 8th, check game menu
  • New years clean up on clan list, promotions, voting for costume contest begins ( see above )

(Dec. 15th. - Dec. 31rst.)

  • Winter weekends continue, x mas quest unlock new rudolf pet
  • Solomons deals and new winter outfit with promotion deal, premier club
  • Guild trivia, treasure hunt, costume contest holiday album ends

(Dec. 1rst - Dec. 15th.)

  • Chat initiative - uplift the chat, help new members, assist all clan operations
  • December weekends, advent calendar, festive aura is now active
  • One more month to enter holiday costume contest album

(Nov. 15th. - Nov. 30th.)

  • Combats pets premier club, dimensions of the damned finale
  • Clan chat trivia for thanksgiving and treasure hunt games, new combat pets
  • Rs thanksgiving event - see above, clockwork pieces finale

(Nov. 1rst. Nov. 15th.)

  • New event collecting clockwork pieces, treasure hunter - hunt game
  • Apple jubilee for invention and farming xp, costume contest continues
  • Preparations for guild promotions and upkeep in castle

(Oct. 15th - Oct. 31rst)

  • Thank you to all for saving the castle, we are doing recruit drive this holiday season to find new members
  • Jagex holiday ghostweave, possible halloween event - 
  • New mini game see news page, clan chat trivia, halloween treasure hunt, start of costume contest

(Sept. 1rst. - Sept. 15th.)

  • Invention batch 2, ninja updates
  • Treasure hunter updates - apples, special invention bonus
  • Double xp weekend is Sept 15th. - Sept 18th.

(Aug. 15th. - Aug. 31rst.)

  • Beach event continues, guild summer promotions
  • Lava lamps, volcanic trapper
  • Bathazars big raffle Aug. 29th - Oct. 2nd ( collect 1 ticket per day, Burthorpe lodgestone )

(Aug. 1rst. - Aug. 15th.)

  • Beach summer event - lumbridge, invention batch 2 ( see news page - link above )
  • Oddments store, crystal chimcompras, rainbow chests
  • Runefest stage schedules, king and queen of hearts

(July 15th. - July 31rst.)

  • Build the Beach event - lumbridge crater beach party
  • Dragon rider recruit drive ( 2 weeks ) details above
  • Runescape on mobile, summer deals at solomons

(July 1rst. - July 15th.)

  • The Magister high level slayer boss, 4th of july guild raffle ( everyone wins so gl to all)
  • Summer album guild costume contest - see link above for details and voting
  • SIzzler at treasure hunter bonus xp, Solumons bonus summer deals, new chat initiative to improve communications.

We are happy members have committed to improving clan chat and making the game more pleasant, 

so keep up the great Job!!!